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Believe you can do business more effectively hosts a suite of talent assessment tools based on neuroscience and strengths-based psychology. Our tools help you to understand the potential of your people for future success.

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Why we are different

We offer products which can be tailored to meet the needs of any company no matter the size, sector, market or culture. Because one size does not fit all. As a result, our products are incredibly agile.

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What we do

Using our unique proven formula, we help companies unravel what actually matters. Based on eight years of research into FTSE 500 and Fortune 100 organisations, using 88 different tags, our equation pinpoints what an organisation needs for future success.

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Zircon and BeTalent work together to provide expert consultancy and innovative technology solutions under one roof.

We support individuals, teams and organisations to reach their highest potential and build a competitive advantage. Our assessment tools, methods and approaches are developed to provide support and insight at all levels of an organisation, while offering particular expertise in supporting the senior management and executive levels.

Our digital first approach to talent is based on years of research within organisations, alongside a foundation of psychological theory and thought leadership in the talent arena.

We partner with our clients to build, design and deliver regional, international and global projects in the areas of Talent Assessment, Succession, Learning & Development, Leadership and Organisational Strategy, Training, Executive Coaching and much more.


The BeTalent platform securely hosts candidate information and simplifies assessment administration.


Our consultants are available to assist and advise on the best products to meet your needs.


Our products stand alone, our support is scalable depending on your requirements.

Talent Equation

The BeTalent Potential Equation is a researched and validated way of understanding and defining the future talent requirements of an organisation in order to counteract these problems. Based on research into FTSE 500 and Fortune 100 organisations, the Equation allows you to confidently and accurately identify who has the highest potential.

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Years of Experience

The BeTalent team has a breadth and depth of knowledge - all available to you and your company.

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Awards won

We are trusted by and partner with many organisations. Some of which include:

What they say about us

Craig Smith

Head of Learning & Talent, Babcock International

Decision Styles is by far my favourite. I have found it to be extremely valid, and clearly describes each of the different styles of decision making. I believe that this is the right tool for the assessment of our future leaders. It works well in combination with the Strengths Questionnaire and Values Fit and is great for board development.

Stephen Hill

Head of Manufacturing, Purdey

Strengths based coaching and facilitation using the BeTalent Strengths questionnaire has substantially impacted and helped raise the standards of the teams in the GE Power and Purdey factories. The strengths tool has been truly remarkable at getting to the heart of issues and understanding what energises the team. It is refreshing to focus on what works, rather than what is broken.

Craig Wymant

Global Head of Human Resources, Refinitiv

We have used the Strengths questionnaire and card sort exercise across the globe to identify the Strengths and potential gaps in the global leadership teams. It has helped us to understand what we enjoy doing at work, how we would like to work together, and how we could more effectively work with each other. It has changed the way we talk to each other and the tone of the conversation.

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Benefits Of A Strengths Approach

Helen Hargrave and Rhys Connolly, Senior Consultants at Zircon and BeTalent, converse with each other about how they help our clients to work towards a Strengths based approach.