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Talent Fit

High potential individuals consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups, on average they deliver twice as much as moderate performers.

Talent Fit is a talent spotting tool, designed to assess the critical requirements defined in the Blueprint. It is a 180 approach and invites the individual, line manager and two senior stakeholders to assess how the individual is talented and their level of ‘fit’ or potential.

The BeTalent Talent Fit Suite of Tools

  • Is quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Helps leaders understand if they have the right talent for the future
  • Creates a language that people understand when assessing high potential requirements
  • Is designed to assess the talent or potential model of the current organisation
  • Provides a development report, outlining the core strengths, gaps and recommended actions
  • Calibrates all employees and rank orders their potential against requirements