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Decision Styles

The average adult will make up to 35,000 decisions during their waking hours, each and every day. - Dr. Joel Hoomans

Decision Styles consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise designed to identify the 10 factors of decision making, problem solving and judgement of an individual.

The BeTalent Decision Styles Suite of Tools

  • Are quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Have two digital delivery mechanisms: questionnaire and card sort
  • Raise personal awareness about a preferred way of making decisions or solving problems
  • Increase awareness of primary and secondary decision styles
  • Encourage individuals to consider how they and others make decisions and solve problems
  • Produce two reports for the user and assessor/coach
  • Use simple language and provide clear development suggestions for the candidate and probe questions for the assessor/coach
Details of our reliability and validity statistics can be found in our technical manual. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact