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Blended Exercises

One-to-one interviews and 360 questionnaires with standardised questions have the highest level of reliability and validity.

Blended Exercises include an Interview and 360. By using a blend of questions, the individual’s core Behaviours, Expertise, Strengths and Tenets are assessed through different lenses. Both tools are used to assess the level of fit between the individual and the role or organisation.

The BeTalent Blended Suite of Tools

  • Are quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Are used to assess both performance and potential
  • Help leaders identify people with the 'right fit' for the future
  • Have comparative, external benchmarking data across a number of dimensions
  • Map to the Blueprint and BEST requirements of the role
  • Are conducted by trained interviewers and 360 interpreters
  • Are designed at four levels: Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader and Executive
  • Provide a robust, reliable and valid method of assessment and development