Talent Equation

"66% of companies invest in programmes to identify high-potential employees, 24% of these companies consider these a success and 13% of organisations have confidence that they have the right leaders for the future" - Corporate Executive Board 2019.

The BeTalent Potential Equation is a researched and validated way of understanding and defining the future talent requirements of an organisation in order to counteract these problems. Based on research into FTSE 500 and Fortune 100 organisations, the Equation allows you to confidently and accurately identify who has the highest potential.

  • Behaviours, Expertise, Strengths, Tenets (values) together assess talent;
  • Aspirations and Intelligence (Emotional, Social and Cognitive) to assess an individual’s potential.

Under each element of the BEST Equation are the 88 possible criteria required for an organisation to be successful. The Equation, when used within the Blueprint, then defines which of these Tags are fundamental for your unique organisation to drive long-term success.

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