Decision Styles Card Sort Exercise

How do you make decisions and solve problems?

What is your personal Decision Style?

The average adult will make up to 35,000 decisions during their waking hours, each and every day.

This pack includes 30 picture cards each with a definition and four indicators of that attribute of decision making. Designed to help individuals understand their preferred approach to making decisions and problem solving. Includes step by step instructions and is used by consultants, coaches and facilitators.

The exercise was created following research and interviews with successful business leaders to identify the styles and effectiveness of decision making. The cards can also be used in workshops to identify an individuals personal decision style.

How to identify your Decision Profile:

Please refer to the back of each card for detailed descriptions of each Decision Style.

Looking at the 30 Decision Styles cards in groups of 3, select 10 that best represent the way in which you take decision at work.

Next, select the 3 that are most like you and take a moment to reflect on these cards, swapping any as necessary.

You should now have successfully identified the top 3 Decision Styles that are most applicable to you at work; this is your Decision Profile. 

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