Team Card Sort Exercise

What do you personally bring to your team?

What are your top 3 preferred Team Types from 15 possible types? Are you a Warrior, Entrepreneur, Coach or a Scientist?

What is your Team Profile?

Teams who understand and have insight into their collective strengths, types and gaps improve their ability to succeed exponentially.

This exercise containing 15 Team picture cards is designed to help you identify the preferred Team Types that are most important and relevant to individuals at work. The Team Types were identified from research looking at the makeup of effective teams and the strengths required for teams to succeed in a volatile, complex, ambiguous and unpredictable environments in which we all work.

Through this fun and engaging method of building self-awareness, individuals are able to understand and appreciate the drivers behind how they collaborate, integrate and drive success both individually and as part of a team. The cards can also be used in workshops to identify the preferred team profiles within the team and the strengths required for future success.

How to identify your Team Profile:

Please refer to the back of each card for detailed descriptions of each Team Type.

Looking at the 15 Team Type cards, select 7 that best represent the way in which you interact and work within a team.

Next, select the 3 that are most like you and take a moment to reflect on these cards, swapping any as necessary.

You should now have successfully identified the top 3 Team Types that are most applicable to you at work; this is your Team Profile. 

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