Using Strengths to increase Engagement and Productivity

Using strengths to increase engagement and productivity at work

Supplier: BeTalent

Type: In-house. 0.5 day workshop

Cost: £900 for a minimum of 6 delegates. Additional delegates £140 per person

Min Number: 6 delegates

Max Number: 18 delegates

Course Description

When leaders focus on employees’ strengths, engagement levels increase to up to 73% (Gallup, 2008). Individuals who are given the opportunity to use their strengths at work will perform better, they are more innovative and proactive and have better well-being at work. By acknowledging employee strengths and focusing on developing these further, leaders, individuals and the team, are likely to be much more effective.

This training course explores the importance of a Strengths-based approach to assessment and development, and how organisations can maximise the benefits of individual strengths. With the use of our BeTalent Strength Insights tool, we will teach delegates on how to integrate a strength based assessment into the team and the benefits of doing so. We will share with the delegates how to interpret the Strength Insight reports and how to engage in strength conversations for assessment and development. If delegates would like to become accredited in our Strengths tool, they can do so by submitting a written report from a feedback session with a partner.

Strengths Insight

Is an online questionnaire designed to identify the core and distinctive strengths of an individual. Strengths Insight asks the individual to rate themselves against all of the 30 BeTalent unique Strengths in order to identify the core strengths that energise them at work. Strengths Insight:

  • Can be used to identify an individual’s core or unique strengths;
  • Measures the Strengths element of the Talent Model;
  • Is a robust, reliable and valid method of assessment.

Target Audience

Designed to be inclusive for all managers or leaders who would like to use a strengths based approach to management. Also suitable for leaders who recruit or develop individuals and would like to integrate a strengths based approach.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of Strength-based assessments;
  • Understand the importance of maximising upon an individual’s strengths for motivation and success;
  • Understand the benefits of a Strengths approach to assessment and development;
  • Understand and appreciate other strengths and how teams can work together.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

1 - Use the Strengths Insight tool for assessment and development purposes;

2 - Interpret our Strength Insight report from the online questionnaire;

3 - Conduct an effective feedback session with candidates or employees.

Learning Activities

The course consists of both theory and practical sessions, a range of exercises are used within the course, as well as practical scenarios to enable you to practice the skills you are learning.

Competencies & Skills Developed

Knowledge of a Strengths-based approach to assessment/development. Delegates will learn how to use and implement the BeTalent Strength Insights online questionnaire, gain an understanding of how to effectively interpret the results and computer generated report and the skills required to feedback to the candidate/employee.

Transfer of Learning into the Workplace

All delegates will leave the course with the ability to use the BeTalent Strength Insights questionnaire for assessment and development purposes.

Pre-requisites for attending the programme

One online questionnaire – Strengths Insight will need to be completed before the event. The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete.

Course Details

Course duration: 0.5 day

Accreditation: Yes – a certificate is given to accredit the individuals in using the Strengths Insight questionnaire

Pre-work: One online questionnaire – Strengths Insight will need to be completed before the event. The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete. We will print the reports and bring them to the event with us.

Post-work/Assessment: Optional individual actions plans

Group size: Minimum of 6 delegates and maximum of 18 delegates

Format: Classroom, Interactive workshop

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