Leading in an Age of Uncertainty

Leading in an age of uncertainty

Supplier: BeTalent

Type: In-house. 1 day workshop

Cost: £1,800 for a minimum of 6 delegates. Additional delegates £200 per person

Min Number: 6 delegates

Max Number: 18 delegates

Course Description

The business landscape is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA). That is, the nature, speed, volume and magnitude of change is not predictable (Sullivan, 2012); there is a clear lack of certainty in issues and events facing businesses (Kinsinger & Walch, 2012); there are numerous and difficult-to-understand causes, both inside and outside the organisation, involved in problems (Sullivan, 2012); and there is often a lack of clarity about the meaning and impact of an event (Caron, 2009).

VUCA conflates four distinct types of challenges that demand four distinct types of responses. That makes it difficult to know how to approach a challenging situation and easy to use VUCA as a crutch, a way to throw off the hard work of strategy and planning.

In the workshop we will use insights from our Blueprint research to outline the key micro and macro challenges facing businesses, including: the economic environment; technology; and talent acquisition. We will reveal strategies that leaders can use to instil trust and engage employees, particularly in times of challenge and adversity. Highly practical and engaging, we will discuss how leaders can: identify and maximise their individual strengths for success using our Strengths Insight; build effective teams using Team Insights; improve their decision making skills with Decision Styles; and identify and build on their Winning Attributes using Winning Attitudes.

Strengths Insight

Is an online questionnaire designed to identify the core and distinctive strengths of an individual. Strengths Insight asks the individual to rate themselves against all of the 30 BeTalent unique Strengths in order to identify the core strengths that energise them at work.

Team Insights

Is an online questionnaire completed by individual team members to help them understand their preferred team archetype from 15 possible types in order to understand their contribution. It produces a computer-generated, interpretive report that can be used for individual and team development. There is an added benefit of the option to produce a team report, showing the collaboration and connections between team members.

Decision Styles

Is an online questionnaire that measures the risk taking, decision and judgment behaviours of an individual. It is suitable for both screening candidates for recruitment to assess both suitability and fit and for development and coaching. The tool measures 10 factors of decision making.

Winning Attitude

Is an online questionnaire designed to identify an individual’s state of mind and attitude towards success. Following research and interviews with successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Paralympians and Olympians, BeTalent identified 10 Winning Attributes of some of the most successful people in sport and industry. The tool will provide an understanding of which attributes are most likely to lead to success for an individual once they have a goal in mind.

Target Audience

Designed for leaders of others and managers of teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the micro and macro challenges facing businesses;
  • Understand personal Winning Attributes, Strengths and Decision Style and the impact of these on success in a VUCA environment on an individual and organisational level;
  • Understand the importance of effective team work and what makes a successful team.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

1 - Outline the micro and macro challenges facing their organisation ;

2 - Identify and appreciate how their unique Strengths, Decision Style and Winning Attitude can support effective leadership in a VUCA environment;

3 - Appreciate what makes an effective team and why team work is important .

Learning Activities

The course consists of both theory and practical sessions, a range of exercises are used within the course, as well as practical scenarios to enable you to practice the skills you are learning.

Competencies & Skills Developed

Understand the key principles for individual and organisational success in a VUCA environment.

Transfer of Learning into the Workplace

All delegates will leave the course with a clear understanding of the micro and macro challenges facing businesses. Delegates will learn about the importance of strengths, attitude, decision making style and team work and how they can be used to achieve success.

Pre-requisites for attending the programme

A consideration of the challenges facing their organisation.

Course Details

Course duration: 1 day

Accreditation: No

Pre-work: Four online questionnaires - Decision Styles, Strength Insight, Team Insight and Winning Attitude will need to be completed before the event. It takes 15 minutes each to complete. We will print the reports and bring them to the event with us

Post-work/Assessment: No

Group size: Minimum of 6 delegates and maximum of 18 delegates

Format: Classroom, Interactive workshop

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