What We Do

Helping clients to define and build strategic talent management solutions

"Companies must have a strong digital presence when developing their talent strategy, or risk losing access to huge segments of the talent market"

BeTalent works with and supports organisations through business-led transformation by focusing on the talent agenda from a digital-first perspective. We start with our clients’ strategic goals, aspirations and vision, and partner with them to create an actionable digital talent strategy. We identify the core requirements, future challenges and the successful outcomes that candidates, employees, high potentials and leaders require. We then define the critical success factors (or Blueprint) of the business.


The Blueprint is used as the starting point for creating a measurable, objective digital talent process for assessing, developing and recruiting talent. Our digital talent assessment tools and products include a suite of psychometric questionnaires, card sort exercises, case studies and multi-rater questionnaires designed to help you assess, develop and monitor the potential and progress of critical employees.


Thought leadership and in-depth research is embedded in our projects, products and platform from the onset, and we maintain a high level of analysis and validation throughout our client projects. Our suite of 17 high potential assessment, development and coaching tools and products help organisations to define, measure and spot their talented people against the future goals and requirements of the business.


Our team of Chartered Occupational Psychologists, HR Consultants and Technologists have complementary and overlapping skills. Our Tech-geeks and our Psychologists work together to create a series of digital talent services for our clients. No matter the talent requirement or challenge, we build a realistic talent roadmap to deliver your talent strategy and vision in a sustainable way.

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