Inspiring Leader Card Sort Exercise

Raise your self-awareness about how inspiring you are as a leader!

How do you inspire and engage the people you work with?

Inspiring leaders have charisma, passion and belief in what they do, they have the ability to create immediate trust and credibility.

This exercise containing 11 leadership picture cards is designed to help you identify your leadership style from six elements of Inspirational Leadership and five elements of Executive Presence. By using this card sort exercise, individuals can test and challenge the way they view their roach as a leader and raise their self-awareness about how inspiring they are as a leader. 

There are many components to being a successful leader and these cards can be used in workshops to identify and understand the characteristics prevalent in Inspirational leaders with Executive Presence.

How to identify your leadership style and executive presence:

Please refer to the back of the cards for the definitions of each element.

Look at the 11 picture cards and choose the 6 that you think are most relevant to how you prefer to interact and engage at work.  

Next, select the 3 that are most relevant to you and take a moment to reflect on these cards. If you would like to swap any cards, do so now and place in order of preference. 

You should now have successfully identified the top 3 leadership elements that are most relevant to you at work.

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