Tenet Card Sort Exercise

Raise your self-awareness about what you value at work!

What are your core values?

98% of organisations seek to identify their high potential employees, who have similar values and fit.

Designed to help you identify the core values that are important to you at work, this card pack contains 17 Tenet (personal value) picture cards. Used as part of an assessment process, to aid discussion, or in one-on-one or group coaching, this card exercise can help individuals to develop a heightened sense of awareness of the values that are important to them, and potentially their colleagues in the workplace. 

Using these cards with teams or individuals introduces new ideas, stimulates discussion, encourages creative thinking and moves the conversation in new and unexpected directions. Through building a greater awareness of what energises this important to them at work in a fun and engaging way, individuals will be able to be clear about the types of roles, environments and activities will suit their core values and what is important to them.

How to identify your Personal Values:

Each card illustration is complemented by a detailed definition of that particular tenet to the reverse and a detailed explanation of how this may render into the workplace.

Take the 17 tenet cards and select 10 that you believe represent what you value most at work. 

Next, select 5 of the tenets that you believe are the most important, taking a moment to reflect on your choice of cards and swapping any you cards you feel necessary.

You should now have successfully identified the top 5 Tenets that are most important to you at work.

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