Expertise Card Sort Exercise

Raise your self-awareness about the skills and knowledge you need to succeed!

What skills and knowledge are required for success?

"Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation" - John Ruskin.

This exercise containing 20 Expertise (or Skill) picture cards is designed to help you identify the areas of Expertise that are most important and relevant to you at work. Through this fun and engaging method of building self-awareness, individuals are able to understand and appreciate the drivers behind their learning, commitment, development and achievements. 

The cards can also be used in workshops to identify the expertise required for future success within a role, department, or organisation. The 20 area of Expertise were identified from research looking at the core knowledge skills and expertise (competencies) defined and used by the FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 in their published models.

How to identify the core Expertise required for success:

Each card illustration is complemented by a detailed definition of that particular expertise to the reverse and a detailed explanation of how this may render into the workplace.

Looking at the 20 expertise cards, select 10 that best represent the way in which you interact at work.

Next, select 5 that are most like you and take a moment to reflect on these cards, swapping any cards you feel necessary.

You should now have successfully identified the top 5 areas of expertise that are most relevant to you at work. 

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