Talent Analytics

Only 5% of organisations assess the ROI of investments of their talent management strategies.

BeTalent Talent Analytics is a dashboard that provides real-time indication of the strengths, gaps and risks of an organisation’s talent population. The Talent Analytics dashboard provides a summary of talent management data at all levels of the organisation. The data can provide increased insight and clarity, so that business decisions can be made using robust internal and external benchmark data. Talent Analytics provide live talent indicators for your organisation, and creates a clear line of sight from the talent tools and the organisation’s talent requirements. It is a single user-friendly dashboard to ensure you have your finger on the pulse of your organisation at all times. It integrates all of the data to create a holistic talent management process and has full reporting commentary and statistics.

  • Real-time indication of strengths and weaknesses;
  • Summary at all levels of the organisation;
  • Live talent indicators.

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