Winning Attitude

"I was never content with mediocrity. I’m not about running from failure, even when I got it wrong. I did not compete with others to win, I competed to be the best I could be" - Mark Foster, Olympian, Swimming.

Winning Attitude is an online questionnaire designed to identify an individual’s state of mind and attitude towards success. Following research and interviews with successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Paralympians and Olympians, BeTalent identified 10 Winning Attributes of some of the most successful people in sport and industry. The tool will provide an understanding of which attributes are most likely to lead to success for an individual once they have a goal in mind.

  • Identifies which of the 10 Winning Attributes will help an individual succeed;
  • Works effectively in combination with the Strengths Insight questionnaire;
  • Is a robust, reliable and valid method of assessment.

Testimonial: “Eversholt Rail launched our inaugural “Senior Leader Experience” in early 2017 – a series of development experiences for our senior managers. We were on the look-out for an engaging pre-dinner session which would combine the robustness of research with an innovative viewpoint from a completely different industry. We were very pleased to identify Dr. Amanda Potter from Zircon and Goldie Sayers, a three-time Olympian, who took us through fascinating insights from Zircon’s recent research on Winning Attitudes and Goldie’s leadership lessons learnt in her world-class athletics career. Our senior managers were captivated by the talk and appreciated the unique insights they gained during the evening. We learnt that not all of us will be champions at javelin throwing, but that we all have our winning strengths that we can apply to any goal. Thank you to Amanda and Goldie for a memorable evening!” Katariina Jalas, Nordic HRBP - Transaction Advisory Services, EY

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