Team Questionnaire

BeTalent Team is a self-report questionnaire that provides individuals and teams with an understanding of how they prefer to interact and work together.

BeTalent Team effectiveness is particularly important in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. Having an insight into the role you play in a team, and how you contribute to the teams' success. Team is an online ipsative, self-report questionnaire completed by individual team members to help them understand their preferred team archetype from 15 possible types in order to understand their contribution. It produces a computer-generated, interpretive report that can be used for individual and team development. There is an added benefit of the option to produce a team report, showing the collaboration and connections between team members.

  • Is an online ipsative, self-report questionnaire completed by individual team members;
  • Provides insight into the way individuals prefer to interact and engage in a team;
  • Examines the relative roles of each team member and how they interact.

Testimonial: “We have used the BeTalent Team tool within the NHS Solent. The effectiveness of our teams is vital to business success, so we used the Team questionnaire alongside other BeTalent tools. The team found that the insight they gained into their preferred ways operating as a team was invaluable and really helped them to understand how to maximise their work with each other, and how to draw on each other’s strengths to collaborate more effectively and in turn get improved results. They have reported that they have developed a much-improved understanding of each other and feel much more engaged as a team and as individuals – and had a lot of fun using the Team cards and questionnaire in the process!” Ceri Connor, Associate Director of People and OD, Solent NHS

“We have used the BeTalent Team tool with our Senior Leadership Team and People Leadership Team. The Team questionnaire is easy to use, time effective, easy to understand, and uses language that facilitates in-depth discussions at the team level. The tool and subsequent workshops have driven positive change with regards to how the team make decisions, now utilising a wide range of styles and approaches, and allowed us to plan according to our team strengths and potential limitations. In addition to the utility of the Team tool, Zircon/BeTalent have been a great partner for a medium sized charity like ours. Both the tool and company have made a positive impact on our senior leaders’ ability to support our children to live the best life possible.” Michael Maddick, Director of People, The Children's Trust

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