Inspiring Leader

"The ability to inspire passion and enthusiasm in people to follow them" - Stephanie Rubdeck, Senior Consultant.

Inspiring Leader is an online self-report questionnaire designed to assess how inspirational an individual is as a leader or manager and also the degree of executive presence they have in the workplace. An Inspirational Leader is a visionary role model, one that inspires others and empowers them to deliver high standards of excellence. Individuals with Executive Presence will also express ideas with gravitas and conviction, to influence, and engage a workforce. The tool assesses the individual’s fit with seven elements of Inspirational Leadership and four elements of Executive Presence as identified in our research. It is completed by a range of stakeholders, including the line manager, senior stakeholders and peers, as well as direct reports and customers (if relevant).

  • Is an online, ipsative self-report questionnaire;
  • Can be used to identify Inspirational Leadership;
  • Offers suggestions and ideas for development and succession planning.

93% of attendees at our Inspiring Leader workshop stated that the workshop was personally useful for them, with 85% stating that they expect to discuss what they learnt with their line manager, coach or mentor.

79% of attendees at our Inspiring Leader workshop stated that they are confident they will improve at work by applying the things they learnt, as the workshop enabled them to explore how they can make the most of their personal styles and preferences.

Testimonial: “The report was really useful and interesting to reflect on, as was the opportunity to hear the perspectives offered by others around the room.”

“Understanding the key elements of inspirational leadership and executive presence was really useful, as was hearing from other leaders (Dr. Amanda Potter was quite inspirational herself!).”

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