Situation Analysis

Observed exercises and case studies are the most valid form of assessment tool.

The Situation Analysis exercises consist of a series of timed business case study exercises. Individuals are presented with information relating to a fictitious company and asked to assimilate the data, respond to commercial questions and make recommendations. The response is used to assess how the individual is likely to perform and respond when faced with similar business challenges. The exercises are designed at four levels: Individual Contributor, Manager, Leader and Executive where the Business Scenarios become increasingly challenging and complex. Three parallel exercises have been designed for each level and will be randomly selected to reduce the risk of individuals sharing case studies before the assessment event.

  • Reponses are evaluated by a trained assessor and can be used to identify potential;
  • Is used to identify an individual’s problem solving, data analysis, and planning capabilities;
  • Are mapped to the organisations BEST model or competencies.

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