Decision Styles

The average adult will make up to 35,000 decisions during their waking hours, each and every day.

Decision Styles is an online questionnaire that measures the risk taking, decision and judgement behaviours of an individual. It is suitable for both screening candidates for recruitment to assess both suitability and fit and for development and coaching. The tool measures 10 factors of decision making.

  • Can be used to identify an individual’s approach to decision-making and risk;
  • Is mapped to the 87 Tags;
  • Is a robust, reliable and valid method of assessment.

Testimonial: “Decision Styles is by far my favourite. I have found it to be extremely valid, and clearly describes each of the different styles of decision making. I believe that this is the right tool for the assessment of our future leaders. It works well in combination with Strengths Insight and Culture Fit and is great for board development.” Craig Smith, Head of Learning and Talent, Babcock International

“What can I say apart from WOW... remarkable morning of creative education. Thank you so much, this for me was just what I needed. Your tools are fantastic, I particularly like the Decision Styles questionnaire. The BeTalent approach is really interesting of how it connects so well to Coaching and my style of OD that is primarily dialogic and appreciative. A perfect fit... thanks again and you have now converted me into 'BeTalent' champion.” Gareth Evans, Founder, Wicked HR

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