Culture Fit

75% of employees leave companies because they do not fit with the culture.

The Culture Fit is a tool designed to identify the core values of an individual. It is tailored to the BEST Tags defined in the Blueprint and it asks the individual to rate themselves against the 17 BeTalent Tenets in order to identify the core values and their level of fit with their organisational values.

  • This tool can be used to identify an individual’s core values or tenets;
  • It is a robust, reliable and valid method assessment;
  • Measures the Tenet element of the Talent Model.

Testimonial: “We recognise in American Express the importance of recruiting and retaining our most talented people who have the same values and aspirations as ours. The BeTalent system will help us to achieve this goal. In particular, I have been very impressed with how accurate the Culture Fit questionnaire is in assessing people’s values. I have found it very useful to open up conversations about values during the interview process, which can shorten the time required at screening.” Sarah Barrick, People Partner, Google

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