Interview Skills

Competency & Criteria Based Interviewing Skills

Supplier: BeTalent

Type: In-house. 0.5 day workshop

Cost: £900 for a minimum of 6 delegates. Additional delegates £100 per person

Min Number: 6 delegates

Max Number: 18 delegates

Course Description

The training course provides insight into competency based interviewing and gives delegates an understanding of what an effective interview should look like. We take delegates through the interview process explaining what is involved at each step; from preparation to active listening; to closing the interview; and classifying and evaluating feedback.

We provide crucial insight into interview techniques for delegates to use when interviewing. Such techniques include behaviour based questioning techniques, active listening skills, pacing and directing the interview and handling a large volume of information whilst taking complete behavioural notes.

After the training session, delegates are well versed in competency and behavioural interviewing skills, equipped with the tools to conduct objective and accurate interviews, and capable of writing up extensive and effective interview notes.

Target Audience

Designed to be suitable for all levels, particularly for line managers with recruitment responsibility.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of objective assessment required when competency based interviewing;
  • Understand and be aware of inherent and personal biases;
  • Understand how to remain objective and present throughout the interview process;
  • Understand how to write extensive notes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

1 - Conduct objective, non-judgemental interviews by removing personal biases;

2 - Use a range of questioning techniques for behavioural and competency based interviewing;

3 - Utilise active listening skills to remain present as an interviewer;

4 - Write extensive behavioural notes for scoring against the organisation competency framework.

Learning Activities

The course consists of both theory and practical sessions. A range of exercises are used within the course, as well as practical scenarios to enable you to practice the skills you are learning.

Competencies & Skills Developed

Knowledge of how to conduct objective competency based interviews, utilising behavioural questioning techniques and active listening skills. The course will also show delegates how to score candidates against competencies and agreed benchmarks and how to write extensive notes from the interview without missing important information.

Transfer of Learning into the Workplace

All delegates will leave the course with the ability to conduct competency based interviews for recruitment and development purposes in an objective manner.

Pre-requisites for attending the programme


Course Details

Course duration: 0.5 day

Accreditation: Yes – a certificate is given to accredit the individuals in interview skills

Pre-work: No

Post-work/Assessment: No

Group size: Minimum of 6 delegates and maximum of 18 delegates

Format: Classroom, Interactive workshop

UK, Netherlands and USA
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