About Be Talent

A unique talent management and intelligence application

"Technology at the heart of everything we do"

Our clients use BeTalent to help them to define their future requirements and identify, select and develop their high potential talent. We host both our own products and best in class talent products, psychometrics and tools from Saville Consulting, SHL CEB, and A&DC together on one platform.

We deliver...


Unconstrained Thinking

We understand your needs and find new ways of unlocking the potential of your business; challenging assumption, unconstrained by conventional thinking.


Exceptional Results

Our experience and commitment to doing things right, means we will overcome any obstacle and deliver exceptional results for your company and business.


Lasting Impact

Our work goes beyond getting the job done; we share our knowledge to create a lasting impact and a brighter future for your organisation and customers.

We can help you strategically plan your digital talent solutions in areas such as...


Defining a blueprint for future success

Capture, challenge and detail the talent requirements for your organisation and plan to achieve your business goals through your people and your team.


Identifying your high potential talented people

Define your model of potential using our talent equation and identify who has fit with your future business requirements in order to drive long term success.


Understanding and utilising the strengths of your organisation

Enhance the capability, engagement and motivation of your employees by defining and understanding what energises and excites them to drive success.


Understanding and meeting your future business needs

Identify your unmet business needs and define the talent requirements to serve those needs. Use robust methods to assess and validate all approaches.


Defining and addressing your core leadership requirements

Identify all your critical and unique leadership skills and talent management requirements for strategic work force planning, talent development and talent assessment.


Building future proofed talent assessment solutions

Identify the combination of tools, products and processes to meet rising talent expectations and compete in new markets by adopting new digital business methods and technologies.


Building a winning organisation where diversity is key

Diversity, inclusion, and managing unconscious bias are a top priority. Building a talent solution that encourages and celebrates diversity and respect is critical for success.


Making best possible use of your talent analytics and metrics

Empower your business through the intelligent study of your data to gain insight, collate evidence and uncover latent value of your talent information.


Engaging your people to invest in their personal development

Designing compelling propositions to help your employees and team be engaged, motivated and committed to the goals of your business and organisation.

Companies rely on us to bring speed, knowledge, technical expertise and innovation to complement their internal capabilities and exploit talent opportunities quickly. We work in a spirit of collaboration and adopt a lean innovation approach to help companies stand out in this competitive and demanding economy and drive measurable business outcomes.

We do this by partnering with our clients to provide...

  • A robust and well researched suite of talent assessment and development tools based on both reliable academic findings and real-world, researched practices from many of the top world-wide businesses;
  • An integrated system of highly effective talent management products that combine to improve performance at individual, team division and organisational levels;
  • Cloud technology enabled agile solution, that can be tailored and adapted to reflect the uniqueness of your company;
  • Comparative benchmark data together with organisational statistics and business health checks to keep you in control.

Testimonial: “Dr Amanda Potter CEO of BeTalent has the ability to create and develop software that brings talent management to life. It is a fabulous example of bringing technology and psychology together. Her infectious engaging presence and excellent delivery style backed up by true passion, knowledge and expertise in her field I found wholly refreshing” Janet Aldridge, Leadership/HR Consultant

UK, Netherlands and USA
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