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Team Insights

04/04/2018 - BeTalent Intern

The use of teams has become ever more important to survive in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world where change is unpredictable, there is uncertainty in issues facing businesses, there are difficult to understand causes inside and outside the organisation, and there is a lack of clarity on the meaning and impact of events (Sullivan, 2012; Kinsinger & Walch, 2012; Caron, 2009).

Teams can allow us to deliver extraordinary performance, which is why they are increasingly relied upon and form the fundamental unit in many organisations. In teams, we can work faster due to shared responsibilities, generate more creative and innovative ideas, increase shared knowledge and thus better manage risk than if we worked individually. The most effective teams tend to be made up of a range of individuals who contribute in different ways. Each person has different strengths and skills, and as no one has strengths in every area, teams provide a unique environment to fill our skill gaps by working with people who complement our strengths. Research has shown the benefits of diverse teams on working smarter, through focussing more on facts, processing facts more carefully and being more innovative (Rock & Grant, 2016).

In order to maximise the use of strengths in a team, it is important we understand our own and others strengths and weaknesses, as well as the team dynamics. Research shows working in familiar teams enhances team performance, and this may be due to the increased awareness of others strengths and weaknesses, shared experiences, and mutual understanding (Walgrove, 2017).

Our new Team Insight Questionnaire allows you and your team to gain insight into your working styles, collaboration techniques and effectiveness as a team, in order to drive progress, innovation and the leveraging of talent, for the benefit of your team and organisation. This is an online ipsative, self-report questionnaire which is completed by individual team members. The Team Insight questionnaire was developed as a result of in depth research into what differentiates good and successful teams from exceptionally successful teams. We achieved this by identifying the core characteristics of extremely successful teams in a VUCA world, through investigating existing theories, models, published literature, and our products and white papers. This resulted in the identification of 15 independent Team Types that we recognised as being critical to effective team work and collaboration.

Our Team Insight questionnaire produces a computer-generated report which identifies your top team types of how you work within a team, how you interact with other team types, the risk of overusing any top attributes when under pressure, understanding other team types for development, and reflection on your team profile. The results you receive can be delivered in a feedback session with an accredited user of the Team Insight questionnaire in your organisation, to gain maximum benefit.

In order to use and deliver feedback on this tool within your organisation, we offer interactive and engaging accreditation training webinars to become an accredited user in the Team Insight questionnaire. This covers the Team Insight background and research, interpreting the report, how to provide feedback and navigate difficult conversations, and a final accreditation questionnaire.

To find out more about our accreditation training visit this page.

How will you and your colleagues cope in a VUCA World? For a limited time until the end of April 2018, we are offering free access for anyone to complete the Team Insights questionnaire! To find out how you interact in a team, click on the link below. You will receive your report by email once completed:

Team Insight Questionnaire


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