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BeTalent Development Tool Accreditation

BeTalent Development Tool Accreditation

08/01/2018 - Amanda Potter

Would you like to know how your mind set compares to other winners? Perhaps you are looking to identify why your team is underperforming and why you get frustrated so easily? Then one of our Team, Inspirational Leadership and Winning Attitude accreditation events would be perfect for you!

Led by Dr Amanda Potter BSc (Hons) MSc AfBPSs HMABP CPsychol, the accreditation introduces our innovative tools, helps you to interpret the tools, and how to deliver feedback using the three products:

Team Questionnaire – is an online questionnaire designed to identify the core and distinctive strengths of an individual;

Inspirational Leadership – is a tool designed to identify the core values of an individual;

Winning Attitude – is an online questionnaire that measures the risk taking, decision and judgement behaviours of an individual.

During our last event 96% of attendees expressed interest of attending again in the future with some saying:

  • “I loved all of it! I came away being more aware of what really energises me and who energises me most in my team”;
  • “It was really good to see how our values were mapped onto each other and how the interaction of the tools offers and in-depth insight into multiple aspects”;
  • “Now I appreciate how my current context can influence my strengths”;
  • “I was impressed with the Winning Attitude. It is so different to anything else I am trained in and I can see the utility in using this”.

If you would like to book onto one of our Development Tool Accreditation events please contact andrea.conti@zircon-mc.co.uk


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