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BeTalent Assessment Tool Accreditation

BeTalent Assessment Tool Accreditation

21/12/2017 - Amanda Potter

Would you like to develop a greater awareness of yourself and your strengths? Perhaps you are looking for a way to identify your potential talent? Then one of our Strengths Questionnaire, Culture Fit and Decision Styles accreditation events would be perfect for you!

Strengths Questionnaire – is an online questionnaire designed to identify the core and distinctive strengths of an individual;

Culture Fit – is a tool designed to identify the core values of an individual;

Decision Styles – is an online questionnaire that measures the risk taking, decision and judgement behaviours of an individual.

During our last event 96% of attendees expressed interest of attending again in the future with some saying:

  • “I really started to understand the importance of bespoke tools compared to standardised products and how we need to identify what works best for us”
  • “The amazing thing about these tools is their versatility. They are useful for fuelling future conversations and very insightful when used at leadership level”
  • “Next time I would love to know even more about the psychology behind the products as I found the day extremely useful for my developing myself-awareness. I can’t wait to stretch myself further outside of my comfort zone”
  • “I was impressed with the Decision Styles. It is so different to anything else I am trained in and I can see the utility in using this”

If you would like to book onto our 8th February or 8th March Assessment Accreditation event please use one of the links below:

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